🏆 Better Coach OS is almost here...

You signed up for the Better Coach OS waitlist, and I am writing to let you know that it is almost done!

Hey Coach,

You signed up for the Better Coach OS waitlist, and I am writing to let you know that it is almost done!

It will be sent to those on the waitlist in just a few weeks. And because you signed up for the waitlist, you will receive an incredible deal 🚨.

I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of the course.

It includes nine modules on everything I have learned and experienced in my successful career in coaching and leadership.

All in one course.

With many resources to go with each module.

A quick summary of the 9 Modules:

Module #1: Why do you Coach?

A critical question that all coaches need to ask themselves. Adversity will occur in coaching, and tough times will come. It is in these times that you need to “remember your why.

Coaches complete their “coaching cornerstone” in this module.

Module #2: Organization 101

Why is organization so important for a coach?

Because “organization shows competence.”

The best coaches are organized. This module has many tips, tricks, and organizational hacks for coaches and includes an organizational blueprint.

Module #3: Communication 101

Coaching is a people business. And communication is critical for coaches. Coaches should always remember…

Where there is avoiding communication, negativity will fill it.

Many communication ideas and strategies for coaches in this module.

Module #4: Culture Wins

The #1 job of any coach is to build and develop their culture.

I define culture as...

  • What you Allow

  • What you Emphasize

  • Every Day

This module contains many great cultural nuggets, including some Culture WINS Rapid Fire Hacks to use with your team.

Module #5: Leadership Matters

After building culture, developing team leaders is the next hurdle coaches should tackle.


Poor team culture or a lack of player leadership often causes coaches the most trouble. This course addresses these issues and provides a brief overview of the Team Leader OS 7 Steps to Inspirational Leadership Model.

Module #6: Building Commitment

If you want a competitive team, you must create a culture of commitment.

How do you do that?

Commitment fluctuates. I have some great ideas in this module.

  • The 4 Seasons of Commitment

  • The 4 Indicators of Commitment

  • The Commitment Scorecard/Radar Chart

And much more...

Module #7: Motivation and Mindset

One of the most important things a coach does -> Create a winning mindset in their athletes and team.

It is not easy to do.

Over the years, I have gathered many ideas and coaching hacks from myself and others and included them in this module.

Module #8: Practice Planning and Strategy

You can see how dynamic coaching is by looking at this course.

We have not even mentioned X's and O's or strategy until the end.

You have to take care of the other things first, and then you can get to the game. There are many ideas here.

Module #9: The Art of Coaching

What is the Art of Coaching?

It is what coaching is really all about.

  • When to push, when to pull.

  • When to give, when to take.

  • How do you interact with unique personalities?

  • How do you read the room?

  • What is your Emotional IQ?

So much here.

BONUS Modules:

I have included three bonus modules as well.

What are they?

  1. A Guide for Sports Parents

  2. The Head Coach Interview

  3. 21 Lessons Learned Over a Lifetime of Coaching


This course covers the all-encompassing and dynamic job of being a coach. I guarantee you will get new insight and ideas to apply to your coaching today.

Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned veteran, this course will bring yoru value.

I can’t wait to share it with you…


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