🏆 Best of 2023 and 24 Coaching Tips for 2024!

Well, 2023 has been pretty incredible! Check out the best of 2023 and some coaching gold for 2024.

Hey there!

Well, 2023 has been pretty incredible! This writing “side gig” has really begun to blossom into something much more than I ever thought. And for this, I am very humbled.

Here are a few stats for the year…

  • 102+ Million Views on “X” (Twitter) in 2023. 🤯

  • 33,000+ followers on “X” (had only 10,000 at the end of last year)🆇

  • 9,500+ Newsletter Subscribers (grew from 2,000 last year)! 📖

Again, I am very humbled and have big goals and ideas for 2024! I am committed to making my writing better than ever.

Here are a few things I want to share with you as we reflect on 2023 and set goals for 2024!

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#1: MY #1 POSTS OF 2023

As I mentioned, I have written a lot on X this year. I just posted a Super Thread on “X” yesterday. It includes 10 of my most popular posts this year! Check it out here:

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Here are 24 Tips for Coaches for 2024!

  1. Master the Secret - Just because you have a negative thought does not mean you have to believe it.

  2. Live by the 20-40-60 Rule - Don’t worry about what others think.

  3. Stay Positive - Your attitude determines your altitude.

  4. Be an Energy Giver - Positive energy is contagious.

  5. Water Your Own Grass - Remember, the Grass is Greenest where you Water it the Most.

  6. Develop Your Leaders - Develop a plan to build your team leaders systemically. If you need help, check out my Team Leader OS: COACH.

  7. Comparison is the thief of Joy - Do NOT compare yourself to others.

  8. Be a Great Teammate - We are all teammates in life. Be a great one!

  9. Habits WIN - Find 3 Great Habits to start 2024 with and focus on these habits. Do not worry about goals.

  10. No Blaming or Complaining - All this does is bring negative energy. Come up with a solution if you bring up the problem.

  11. Culture WINS - Building Culture is the #1 Job of a Coach.

  12. Lead Yourself First - We are all leaders. Lead by example and take care of yourself before you try to lead others.

  13. Culture is Every Day - Remember that culture never arrives. You must build it every day.

  14. Show Gratitude - It is the most important thing we can do.

  15. No Deposit - No Return - There are no secrets to success. You must put in the work.

  16. Relentless Consistency Wins - More often than not, the one who is standing at the end is simply the one who keeps going with relentless consistency.

  17. Read More - Try to read more books than you did this year!

  18. Remember Your Why - This is so crucial as a coach. It grounds you for the tough times.

  19. Get to vs. Have To - Focus on the fact that you “Get To” do things. It is a slight shift in attitude that will reap big rewards.

  20. Failure is Growth - Control the message of failure with you and your team.

  21. Relationships - Make time for the most critical relationships in your life.

  22. Smile and Laugh More - Life is short.

  23. Family First - Make sure you make time for your family. Coaching is a grind. Don’t lose sight of your family.

  24. Enjoy the RIDE! - Coaching is a journey. Enjoy each and every day. Create memories that will last a lifetime!


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