🏆 Everything is Hard

Sports are hard. Coaching is hard. Life is hard. It is a big reason we coach because we know the impact that sports have on young people in preparation for “handling the hard stuff” of life.

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Everything is Hard

Sports are hard. Coaching is hard. Life is hard.

Everything is hard.

As coaches and leaders, we all know this. Most of us have lived it and know the challenges that life brings.

We coach because we know the impact that sports have on young people's preparation for “handling the hard stuff” of life.

Sports teach us things we cannot find in other aspects of life.

Sports comprise commitment, energy, passion, highs and lows in sport.

Here are the “6 HARD Things” we must address in Sports and Life. These are great reminders for our athletes and teams.

#1 - Accept the HARD - The first step to success, in my mind, is to know and accept that it will be difficult and you will have challenges. No one is immune to this. Once you accept that hard things will happen, you can adapt, respond, and move on. By accepting the hard, we free ourselves from resistance and open ourselves to new possibilities. This is a critical message to share with our teams and players.

#2 - Work HARD - This is a given for success in life. There is no substitute for hard work. So many people do not see all of the work that happens behind the scenes. Have a “No Deposit- No Return” Mentality in all you do. Everything is earned.

#3 - Handle HARD - How we handle the hard things in life ultimately will determine our success. Many search for an easier life. They think that life gets easier, and they search for easy. But the reality is, as we mature and age, we learn how to handle the hard stuff better. Kara Lawson, Duke Women’s Basketball coach, has a great video sharing her thoughts.

#4 - Do HARD things first - Too many procrastinate or do not get things done. They are not “doers,” and we need more “doers” in our world. How do you become a doer? You do the hard things first. This is an incredibly important life skill for kids and for our players to learn and implement.

#5 - Be willing to have HARD conversations - As coaches and leaders, we must be willing to have the difficult conversations that leadership brings. If we do not have these conversations, your culture and team will erode. Remember that culture is every day and each decision we make impacts this culture.

#6 - Choose HARD - Finally, choose your hard. Find the hard things that will help you achieve your dreams. This video from Motiversity will help you get started!


Do HARD Things

Life is undeniably hard, but as coaches, athletes, and leaders, we have the power to handle it and achieve success. Follow these 6 steps to deal with the HARD.

  1. Accept the hard

  2. Work hard

  3. Handle hard

  4. Do hard things first

  5. Be willing to have hard conversations

  6. Choose your hard.

Good Luck!


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"Champions keep playing until they get it right."

- Billie Jean King

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count."

- Winston Churchill



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