🏆 Coming Soon...

The Team Leader OS: ATHLETE. Coming this week!

Hey there!

Just a quick email to let you know that I am wrapping up the Team Leader OS: ATHLETE version!

It will be done this week.

Since you are a subscriber to this newsletter, I will be offering a discount for ALL three versions when I release the athlete version this week.

Coaches: You will be able to forward the athlete version to the parents in your program. Encourage them to give the gift of leadership to their son/daughter!

Here are the three versions:

  1. Team Leader OS: ATHLETE (Coming this week!) → for individual athletes.

  2. Team Leader OS: COACH → for coaches and teams.

  3. Team Leader OS: SCHOOL → for ADs and all coaches/teams in a school.

Look for an email with the discount code later this week.

Have a good week!

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