🏆 What Great Teammates DON'T Do

Great teams have great teammates. Sometimes, we need to talk about what great teammates do NOT do.

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What Great Teammates DON’T Do

One thing I know is certain is that Great Teams have Great Teammates.

I also believe that our job as coaches is to help develop great teammates. We need to model and share what being a great teammate looks like.

And sometimes, we need to discuss what great teammates do NOT do. When players know what they should avoid, they can better understand what they SHOULD do.

With this in mind, here is my list of…

11 Things That Great Teammates DON'T Do:

  1. Quit - Great teammates never give up. They do not quit on their team or their teammates. When you are part of a team, you are choosing to sacrifice your own self-interests for the team.

  2. Blame - Don’t play the blame game. Take responsibility for your actions. Control what you can control, which is yourself. Blaming others shows weakness and a lack of confidence.

  3. Complain - Complaining creates negative energy. It can destroy a team's culture. Instead of complaining, follow the 1-3-1 rule: First, diagnose the problem. Second, come up with three possible solutions. Third, recommend which of the three you think will solve the problem.

  4. Bring Drama - There is no place for drama on a team. Those who bring drama are binging their selfish needs over the team's betterment. Drama must be addressed.

  5. Point Fingers - Always remember that when pointing the finger at someone else, three fingers point back at yourself. Great teammates do not blame others. They own it. They take responsibility for their own actions and know if they are better, the team will be better.

  6. Show Up Late - Great teammates value the time commitment of everyone on the team. They know that when they show up late, it is not about them being late but rather their impact on the team. Remember, when you are early, you are on time. When you are on time, you are late; when you are late, you are forgotten.

  7. Make Excuses - Winners do not make excuses, and great teammates do not make excuses. Own it. Address it. Move on.

  8. Make Poor Choices - Great teammates lead by example. They make good choices in their sport, in school, and outside of school. They know that when poor choices are made, it ultimately hurts the team.

  9. Run From a Challenge - Great teammates thrive for challenges; they never run from a challenge. Challenges mean opportunities.

  10. Bring Negative Energy - Negative energy is contagious and can quickly destroy a culture and a team. Great teammates control their energy each day and do not bring a negative vibe to the team. Be a positive energy giver.

  11. Badmouth Their Teammates - Finally, great teammates do not badmouth their teammates or their coaches. When they have an issue, they address it honestly and head-on.

Share these with your team and engage in a great discussion about what makes up a great teammate!

Have them come up with other examples that great teammates do NOT do.

Then have them discuss what are things that great teammates DO DO!

Guide them and coach them to be a GREAT Teammate!

Want More? Check out CJ Stroud discussing being a great leader and teammate here.

Good Luck!


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